Moving Beyond the Table

I was honored to visit three tables this week in District 29. My tablemates and I were able to dig into subject matters ranging from generational poverty to holistic healthcare while touching on every positive and negative thread within our community.

We were able to share the incredible opportunities that community foundations were creating in LaGrange and Columbus. We heard how young people in Harris County were stepping up and presenting ideas to ensure the future success of West Georgia. We learned of revolutionary ideas on the future of healthcare that are being implemented throughout District 29 that will offer safe and affordable solutions to the ills suffered today by the overburdened and stressed families within our communities.

I witnessed real community connectivity that starts the engine of my the 5-C message of Community Empowerment that I have shouted from the rooftops and pastures even before we stepped into the arena back in March.

The diverse projects and ideas that were placed On the Table this week could easily be adopted, researched, developed, and carried to successful completion by the Citizens, Churches, Civic Groups, Charities, and Corporations. The 5-Cs must step up and join with those who choose to serve their fellow man by embracing the opportunities presented this week.

Amy Wood