Congressman Drew Ferguson, (GA-3)

“Randy is the right choice to be the next Senator from Georgia's 29th District," Ferguson said. "He will work to reform our criminal justice system, maintain our high standard of education and continue to keep Georgia as the number one State for business. Having him at the State Capitol is great for the 29th District and I am honored to support his candidacy." - Congressman Drew Ferguson, (GA-3)


State Representative John Pezold

“Randy Robertson has dedicated his life to serving the people of West Georgia. He is a dear friend, an honest man, and he believes in limited government. I cannot think of a better choice to continue that service as the Senator from the 29th District than Randy Robertson.” - State Representative John Pezold (House District 133)


Former Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

“I’ve known Randy and Theresa separately and together. I am thrilled that Randy is seeking to serve the people of the 29th Senate District in Atlanta.

Randy is a Law Enforcement veteran who understands service above self and what it means to be a public servant. I am glad to offer my support and endorsement to Randy and Theresa as their family seeks to serve our region.” - Former Congressman Lynn Westmoreland


State Senator Matthew Brass

“I am happy to endorse Randy Robertson’s candidacy for State Senate District 29. I have known Randy and his wife since Theresa and I worked together for Congressman Westmoreland.

Randy is a man of character, integrity, and is widely respected across our area. I know Randy will serve the constituents of the 29th with the same vigor as he did during his 30+ years of service as a Law Enforcement officer. I look forward to serving the people of both the 28th and 29th State Senate Districts with Randy.” - State Senator Matt Brass (Senate District 28)


Troup County Sheriff, James Woodruff

"I am proud to announce my support for Randy Robertson for State Senate District 29. I have known Randy for several years and he has always been a friend to law enforcement. I feel he will work hard in Atlanta for all citizens. I think he is the best choice for our next State Senate representative for District 29. " - Sheriff James Woodruff


Troup County Tax Commissioner, Shane Frailey 

"It is my pleasure and honor to endorse Randy Robertson for State Senate District 29. I met Randy some 20 odd years ago as we both served our citizens proudly in Law Enforcement. I know him to be an honest and dedicated public servant and feel he will bring a new vision to District 29. Being in Law Enforcement is a tough job and Randy has proven to be respected with a successful career of over 30 years. He wants to make a difference and cares about jobs, education, infrastructure, and most importantly, public safety in our communities.

It is for these reasons I support and endorse Randy Robertson for for this important public safety position." - Shane Frailey



Wade Collier, Local Disc Jockey 

"My good friend for over 30 years, Randy Robertson is one of the finest, most honest, individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know. If I was down and needed someone anytime day or night, I’ve always known Randy would be there for me. He is a lifelong law-enforcement officer and scholar and has always believed more than most what protect and serve really means. So many of us have urged Randy to do exactly what he’s chosen to do now and that is throw his hat into the political arena. 

Meriwether County has never had anyone that will work for them as hard as Randy will. We talked at length last evening about how flourishing Manchester was back in the 60s and 70s and Randy has known that area for so long and he so badly wants to help people like my friend Carla Starling Stephens and many more citizens just like her to bring more business, and growth back to my hometown. 

Randy is now a Republican candidate for State Senate, District 29. Which, as you know includes northern Muscogee County, all of Harris, all of Meriwether, and the LaGrange portion of Troup County. Randy has spent his entire adult life in public service and he is more than ready and definitely qualified (in my opinion) to serve. 

Please do your own research and I know you’ll find Randy the man for the job when you go to the polls on May 22nd for the primary." - Wade Collier, Local Disc Jockey


David Horiuchi, Small Business Owner and Retired Law Enforcement Officer

"I proudly endorse Randy Robertson for the District 29 Senate seat! I have known Randy Robertson for nearly 20 years and have been honored to call him one of my truest friends for the last 17. Having worked for and alongside Randy in law enforcement and professional/nonprofit organizations has shown me the distinct leadership qualities he possesses. 

Randy has integrity, committment, resolve and excellent decision making qualities. He is ethical, honest, detail oriented, and one of the best communicators I have ever known. One of the absolute best qualities he has is his attention to others and his willingness to listen to all people, even those who may disagree with him. He truly cares about our community and wants to be a servant leader to improve not just our district, but our entire state. 

Please consider endorsing and voting for this great leader who looks to move us forward and upward." -David Horiuchi, Small Business Owner and Retired Public Safety Officer





Bill Plock, Retired Law Enforcement Officer

As a longtime friend, as well as fellow law enforcement coworker, I have come to know Randy as a diligent individual who takes pride in helping others in any capacity. He never avoids a challenge and always strives to arrive at a decision that benefits all involved. His ascension through the ranks of the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office attests to his ability to get the job done. He has been involved for years in the leadership of the Georgia Fraternal of Police which has provided him with the important benefit of being able to successfully communicate with our state’s leaders.

Randy and his beautiful wife, Theresa, are avid church goers and their faith has served them well. For these reasons, and more, I am proud to offer my endorsement and support for Randy Robertson as the most viable candidate for Georgia State Senator for District 29. His ability to represent all citizens in District 29 is undebatable. - Bill Block, Retired Law Enforcement Officer


Col(R) Carlton G. Savory,MD,FACS

I am very proud and happy to support Randy Robertson in his effort to become our State Senator from District 29.

I have known Randy for a number of years and understand his longtime commitment to serving his community.

I believe this demonstrated commitment and dedication make him an outstanding candidate to represent us at the State level. - Col(R) Carlton G. Savory,MD,FACS